What we do

With specialist skills in advertising, promotions, brand consulting media investment management, insight and consultancy, PR, relationship marketing, sponsorship, events, research and specialist communications, we help our clients to use the correct marketing tools to acquire profitable customers, maintain strong relationship with existing clients/consumers, and create fresh ideas for our clients to continue develop its brand association positively to maintain a strong marketing place.

How we do it

With friendly experienced individuals, we investigate, understand your needs, and develop a leverage marketing programme which makes the difference. We work closely with our clients, and with effective communication solutions we deliver successful measurable bottom line results.


Our experienced staff at Focus Media Communications take our clients business needs very seriously. We respect, listen, understand, and give complete attention. Our experienced staffs constantly maintain excellent marketing communication ideas to create high standard exceptional results. Our wish is to grow with you and maintain excellence. We create commercial wealth for our clients by pushing the boundaries of conventional marketing communications. To offer our clients advice and consulting to help you achieve long term competitive advantage over your competitors.